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FIFA 18: The Next FIFA Maybe Come With A Dynamic Weather

2017-06-07 10:19

FIFA-17 might have the flawless stadiums and the practical player models. But, it is still stopped to be truly authentic by the Dynamic weather.

Fortunately, this is actually a kind of style which is created by the new Frostbite Engine. It was took full advantage by the current Battlefield 1 and  Need For Speed reboot.

Jonas Skantz who was the director of Frostbite, said to Dream Team Gaming that his team is creating the“groundbreaking gameplay innovations”
informed Dream-Team Gaming his group is creating “groundbreaking gameplay that could allude to dynamic weather in FIFA 18. This may also hint the dynamic weather of FIFA 18.

Patrick Bach who was in EA DICE gave the answer about why the weather is so much more than just a “pretty effect” in his speech of last year.

Patrick Bach said that we discussed these various measurements in Battleground frequently, also you developed volatility from various perspectives and where you had the stone, document and scissors after you marry that using the damage. In fact, With the coating of weather, we alter the way you perform in a method that was very extreme.

Patrick Bach said continue that even you had the way to be a sniper, you also needed to change your tactics when it began to rain. It was the same with the fighter planes, And you possibly have to return on the ground’ when the fog moves in it’s like, this was not as efficient anymore. In fact, besaid a good effect, it also had changed your way to play the game. The dynamic weather might put in a complete fresh layer of tactics to for FIFA’S players. Gamers might drop over easier, goalkeepers might be more prone to fumble shots quickly. The list was interminable which may be useful for the game to add an extra level of realism.

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