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How to Excel in Squad Battles

2017-09-29 04:43

One new feature that is being advertised for FIFA 18 is the ‘Squad Battles’ game mode. In short, this is a alternative for the Weekend League in which you play against the AI rather than real-life opponents. Even with the similarities, there are some key differences and things to focus on that can make sure you are able to get the best rewards.

To start off, the key to success in this game-mode is understanding how it is structured. In the Weekend League, the objective is to get a certain number of wins to get into different tiers which have unique rewards. In Squad Battles, the tier system returns but there is no set amount of wins to get into them. They are rather based on a percentage of the player base. For example, to get into Elite 1, you would have to earn enough points that would put you into the top 1% of players that week. This means that maximizing points will be crucial to getting the best rewards at the end.

Lets examine a points breakdown, or what actions will earn you points during the game:

- Finishing a match will earn you approximately 200 to 300 points depending on the difficulty

- Winning a game will earn you 200 points. A loss will be 50 points. These numbers do not change

- Possession will earn you 60 points in total with 1 point per % of accuracy rewarded

- Pass Accuracy will earn you 80 points in total, with 1 point per % of accuracy

- A Clean Sheet will earn you 75 Points

- Corners will earn 5 points every time (no maximum has been found as of now)

- Tackles will earn 1 point per tackle, with the maximum being 20

Now lets look at actions that can deduct the points you earn

- Fouls will deduct 5 points per foul

- Offsides - no values as of yet.

- Cards - no values as of yet

You’ll notice one major omission is goals scored, as that varies depending on the difficulty you choose. Below is the points per goal and maximum total for each difficulty

- Ultimate - 160 Points per goal (800 Total Points)

- Legendary - 140 Points per goal (700 Total Points)

- World Class - 100 Points per goal (500 Total Points)

- Professional - 60 Points per goal (300 Total Points)

- Semi-Pro - 40 Points per goal (200 Total Points)

Finally, there is a multiplier that affects Match Completion, Match Result, and Skill Bonuses

- Ultimate - 2.6

- Legendary - 2.1

- World Class - 1.6

- Professional - 1.0

- Semi-Pro - 0.7

From this you can see that is is highly advised to play at World Class or higher to make sure you’re earning enough points per game. One reddit user by the name of /u/--Skeletor-- reported that he received 1300 points for a 5-0 on professional, while a 2-1 win on World Class got him 1400+ points. Since the ranking system is based on the player base, doing well in the early weeks can reap lots of benefits. The best way to ensure wins during the game would be to use the best players from the get go. By doing this not only do you get access to these players on day one, but you can earn even more coins through them in this mode and in the Weekend League. FIFACOIN is the best website in the market to provide safe and reliable coins for an affordable price that lets build out their squads, open packs, or complete SBC’s. They currently offer a pre-sale for FIFA 18 coins which even further reduces the price.

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