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Ultra-luxury Lineup FIFA OL3 Professional Leagues Show E-sports’s Strong Charm

2017-06-07 07:29

After the players' transfer in the offseason, the draft of the lineup and the preparations, the strongest e-sports gaming FSL (FIFA Online 3 Star League) professional league new S4 season opened ceremoniously on April 29.

In the past three seasons, FSL competition events’ audiences were more than 36 million, the number of visitors for each day on the live stream were more than 1.8 million.
The new season ushered in the traditional giants Lyon debut and the new upgrade of the star commentary team. This series of actions not only enhance the ornamental of S4 season but also demonstrates the FSL in the professional development of the road to a new height, fully demonstrated the FIFA OL3 professional league gaming + football’s strong charm.

On March 8th,2017, the French giants Lyon announced officially the establishment of Lyon (China) e-sports clan, and participate in the S4 season of the professional league. There was no doubt this was a step milestone in the professional development’s road for the FSL professional league S4 season.

It was reported that in the S4 season, the combination of the live stream upgraded as "football commentator + female anchor + game anchor". For such a new combination of the opener in the game live triggered a hot dispute, but also got the same Recognized.

Throughout the overall e-sports market, as the FIFA OL3 professional leagues promote the matches’ level and improve the norms of the gaming market environment that make the Chinese e-sports's players have a dream to recover. As a linkage e-sports and football game, FIFA OL3 explores a unique development of the football gaming through the depth of integration with the traditional football.

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