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Best Inform FIFA 18 Supersubs

2018-07-03 03:12

Note that this is in no particular order, nor is this a complete list. I'd love if you let me know some of your best super subs in the comments down below!


You've all heard of him. You've all seen him. You've all had a new one torn by him.

This man is the real deal. Incredibly fast, fantastic on the ball, with a very good finish on him, the ability to play most passes, and physicality that should not be overlooked.

Through him on as a striker, winger or a wide CAM at the end of games, and he'll tear it up for you. His pace is a complete game-changer against tiring defenders, though I suspect he would be equally effective against fresh ones.


One of the true bargains of FUT 18 -- for just 15K, you got one of the best attacking minded supersubs money can buy. He's lightning fast, with great dribbling, a cracking shot, and very decent physicality.

He comes on as a ST for me, and is absolutely lethal.



A very overlooked option, but a great one nonetheless. He's got my favorite four-star/four-star combo, as well as blistering pace, solid dribbling, a very good shot, decent passing, and most surprisingly, very good physical.

He may be hard to link in your main squad, but bringing him on as a winger or a forward is fantastic. He's quickly become one of my favorite players to bring off the bench

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