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2019-04-10 10:25

It is mid-April now, and FUT 19 TOTS will come next month. After the end of FUT TOTS, we will prepare for our FUT 20. Although EA has not released Dates of FUT 20 yet, based on the past of FUT 19 and FUT 18, this year FUT 20 is likely to be announced on September 27, 2019.

In order to have more outstanding performance in FUT 20, what will you prepare for your FUT 20? absolutely, enough FUT 20 Coins are essential. Only if you have enough FUT 20 coins, can you get more high rating players as you want. We all know, in the initial stage of FUT update, there are lots of high rating players. If you don't have enough FUT Coins, you may miss the chance to get these players.

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