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Enjoy Lunar New Year!

2018-02-12 14:15

Chinese DOG YEAR (Lunar New year) is coming soon. Chinese will say “wang! wang! wang!” to their families and friends to wish them good luck. Now we wish you good luck on FIFACOIN.COM! Join our activities, get lucky coins!

Activity Time: Feb. 12 – Feb. 23, 2018
Activity 1: Free Pack for Ordering Amount ≥100K
(For PS4 and Xbox One new users only)
Anyone signs up during the activity time will be considered as one of our new customers. For new customers, we prepare free 10K pack for the one who order coins amount ≥100K, which means when order ≥100K coins, extra 10K free pack will be sent to you (check on Member Center - My Pack - Free Pack) and can be used to open 10K pack to win FIFA coins.

Activity 2: Pack In Pack
(For everyone that having enough coins)
When opening 10K pack, you have chance to get a card written with 25K, which means you can go to open 25K pack with the card. (For PS4 and XBOX ONE)
Open 25K pack, have chance to open 50K pack.
Open 50K pack, have chance to open 100K pack.
Open 100K pack, have chance to open 200K pack.
Open 1M pack, have chance to win 10M coins.

For PC console,
Open 250K pack, have chance to open 500K pack.
Open 500K pack, have chance to open 600K pack
Open 1M pack, have chance to win 10M coins.
Big amount of coins are waiting for you, show everyone your luck!

Savioragency:Was sceptical about these sites so I ordered coins for 10 dollars to test, after waiting for 10 minutes I contacted support, they told me that they are out of stock and will be available after 10 hours, at that time I was disappointed. But to my surprise, I got the coins in about 20-30 minutes that is why I rate 5/5. I got my product at the promised delivery time 10-30 minutes, if I have to buy again coins I’ll buy from this site.
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Fanstudio:I used to use a different website but it never really felt safe. When I use fifacoin.com I feel safe buying as much as I need. They're also VERY fast with delivery.

I would recommend fifacoin.com to any of my friends in need of a little help. :)

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Mattservey:Honestly, they're always fast, kind, and make my overall gaming experience so much better and faster. They're awesome people and I can't wait to order again. ^_^  they are certainly the cheapest coins site i got what i ordered finally ,BTW , their online service very sweet.
The customer has bought: FIFA 19 Coins

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