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FIFA 18 News: Review Icon Series Vieira (86) 1/3

2019-03-06 05:32

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Here we are discussing about the first version of the French and Arsenal “Invincible” Vieira! This version is the first among a series of three, as always. I bought him for 600,000 coins, I scored 11 goals and made 22 assists in 38 games with him (solid overall for a CM).

81 PAC (9/10): For a CM that is defensive, 81 is massive! He was so quick, he could catch up everyone pretty easily also thanks to his great strength. He has 82 acceleration and 80 sprint speed and you definitely feel it in game.

75 SHO (8/10): Honestly, it impressed me. In game, we can think he has 85 shooting. He has massive long shots (75? underrated) and shot power (78? underrated). In front of the goal, he was able to score even with 74 finishing.  So yeah, truly good shooting.

80 PAS (8.5/10): And again, really impressive passing, he has the ability to deliver fantastic through passes (85 long passing) with his deadly vision (89) and short passes were also great (86) to make quick one two passes. Though, do not use him to take the free-kicks (60 free-kick accuracy), he is truly not good for it.

79 DRI (7.5/10): Maybe his weaker point. He is not that fast and agile, he feels a bit sluggish (71 agility). Though he is very reactive (90) and good when it comes to control the ball decently.

He is very calm (92 composure) and you feel it in game, he rarely makes a foul play and he is good in front of the goal.

86 DEF (9.5/10): Then we have defending and again it is just remarkable, he takes the ball really often with his interceptions (90) and standing tackles (89) but careful, sliding tackles (84) aren't Vieira's strong suit, avoid it if possible because if you miss it takes a long time for him to get back on his feet. That is why I did not give him the rating of 10/10.

89 PHY (10/10): Amazing physical abilities. He is a tank (91 strength is unbelievable), he pushes away everyone he wants. 93 aggression is also great because he is always looking for the ball but he never makes the foul, that is what is interesting with Vieira. 85 stamina is also good but he constantly runs so he can be tired at the end of games.

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