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FIFA 19 Premier League rules Champions League

2019-04-02 01:41

The Premier League this year is the most represented championship in the final phase of Champions League. Four teams have qualified for the quarter-finals, which also correspond to the first four of the championship except for Manchester United, which is actually fifth. We know that the teams from the English league always succeed well in the top European competition. 

In recent years, however, there had been a slight decline in favor of the Spanish teams, especially of course Real Madrid and Barcelona. But why this happened? The Premier League is certainly a championship that is closer to the Champions League. Most Premier matches are played intensely and fast. The teams are constantly offensive and seek supremacy on the opposing team. This mentality makes the game more fluid and intense and better prepares players for decisive matches. In fact, in the round of 16 of this year we have seen some English teams on the whole fit and ready to play the qualification on each field. Liverpool managed to gain access to the quarter-finals by beating Bayern Munich in Germany, a very difficult stage. The same Manchester United has overturned the passive result of 0-2 thanks to the victory in France against the Parisians of the PSG. 

Tottenham crashed the ambitions of the fearsome Borussia Dortmund and the City dominated Schalke 04 at home and away. It seems that this year we will see one of the English teams get to contend for the title in the final with a possible Manchester Derby in the final or the fantastic Manchester United-Liverpool clash in the semifinals. Premier League for the win!

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