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FIFA 21: Ciro Immobile is the following Team of the Season SBC

2021-05-24 07:45

FIFA 21 keeps on pressing onward with Team of the Season, which implies there's another new Squad Building Challenge Player with TOTS Ciro Immobile. Stationary gets the spotlight this time, and we have everything about players that can open him for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 TOTS SBC Ciro Immobile: Start and Expiry Date

While he accompanies a couple of necessities, clients will have multi-day freedom to open and procure Ciro Immobile

Start Date: Sunday, 23 May at 6 pm BST

Expiry Date: Friday, 28 May at 6 pm BST

Extreme Team: Team of the Season Ciro Immobile Player Review

Fixed comes as an incredible 94 generally appraising and the following player from Serie A.

Toddlers SBC Ciro Immobile has every one of the instruments to be an objective scoring machine with 96 shooting, 93 speed, and 92 spilling. He's likewise outfitted with 99 responses, 99 situating, 99 completing, and 97 punishments. Stable can obviously profit any Ultimate Team, so players shouldn't stand by and hazard passing up him. Being a striker, Immobile just has a 46 rating for safeguarding. Other than that, his most fragile characteristic is his 82 passing appraising.

Instructions to Unlock - TOTS SBC Ciro Immobile Requirements

On the off chance that you need to snatch the TOTS SBC Ciro Immobile Player Item for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, you'll need to present these two crews to open him.

The prerequisites are as per the following:


At least 1 player from Italy

At least 1 player from Team of the Week (TOTW) or Team of the Season (TOTS)

Least Team Rating of 83

Least Team Chemistry of 75


At least 1 player from Serie A TIM

At least 1 player from Team of the Week (TOTW) or Team of the Season (TOTS)

Least Team Rating of 84

Least Team Chemistry of 70

Award: One Prime Electrum Players Pack

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