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FIFA 21: how long will a FOF Path to Glory player item take to update in-game?

2021-06-29 03:33

The Festival of FUTball promotion is completely in progress in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team! EA has affirmed the delivery date for the pristine Summer Stars cards in FUT. Look at the most recent on Summer Stars, alongside how long a Path to Glory player thing will take to get refreshed in-game beneath.


Most recent - Summer Stars Release Date

The most recent stacking screen has affirmed that the Summer Stars will land in Ultimate Team on Friday, 2 July, at around 6 pm BST/1pm ET. We can anticipate the new cards one week from now, so prepare for a lot of stacking screens prodding what is to come. Regardless of whether this is an oddball crew to praise the Group Stage we aren't sure, however that would leave space for another crew to be delivered collectively of the Knockout Stage in July.


How long will a Path to Glory player thing take to get refreshed in-game?

After a FOF Path to Glory thing meets all requirements for an overhaul, the most punctual the relating player thing will be refreshed is the next Friday. It should likewise be noticed that redesigns may require as long as 72 hours to show up in-game.


When does following for FOF Path to Glory player things start?

Following for *ALL* FOF Path to Glory player things begins on June 11, 2021 and closes on July 16 2021.


How do Path to magnificence cards work?

There will be Path to Glory cards delivered as a feature of the occasion with added ability move and feeble foot rewards as well. While not as direct as the Road to the Final cards, the Path to Glory players will pursue comparative directions to the What If promotion. With a limit of +4 to their OVR, a beginning rating of 95 OVR could see another 99-appraised card.


3 successes +2 OVR

4 successes +1 OVR

5 successes +1 OVR

6 successes - 5* Skill Moves and Weak Foot

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