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2019-06-24 02:20

Hi dear our customers, time goes too fast, right? Unconsciously it comes to the middle of the year 2019. Hope all the things that you’ve suffered were all good and enjoy a better life in the future.
Here we prepared a middle year activity that will benefit most of you:
Free lucky 10M coins for 100 users everyday.
Every user have chance to get 100K free lucky coins by playing “FIFA Packs”, “Luckiest Packs”, “Lucky Invest” on FIFACOIN.COM.
Every console will select 50 users, and everyone of them can get free 100K lucky coins, meaning that there will be total 10M free coins release everyday. We will inform those lucky guys by sending them website messages at 10am everyday until July.1st, UK. Please check your message on FIFACOIN.COM to know and redeem the coins in time.

Tips: The more times you open packs or invest, the more likely you can get the free coins.

Available Console: PS4, XBOX ONE
Available time: 09:00:00, June.24 – 23:59:59, June.30, 2019, UK.
Thanks for all your attention, have a nice day!

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