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How 5 Things Will Improve Your FUT 20 Chemistry?

2019-11-05 02:43

EA has said that “a bronze team with chemistry 100 can win without great difficulties a gold team without chemistry”. From this we can make sure chemistry is important to your team.

Individual chemistry varies between 0 and 10 and team chemistry between 0 and 100. There are many facts influence a player Chemistry in FUT 20 Ultimate Team:

1.His Position
If he is playing in his natural position or at least in a similar position.
Players are used to play on a determined position but they can adapt themselves to similar positions. That is also what happens in FUT 20.
According to his positioning, a player may be in one of the following situations:
Playing in his natural position;
Playing in a position that is very similar to his natural position;
Playing in a position that has some similarities to the natural position;
Playing in a position that is very different from the natural position.
The position health is found directly underneath the player card: green means that he is playing on his natural position, orange means that he is playing in an adapted position and red means that he is playing on a position that is very different from the natural position.

The natural position of a player is shown on his card. The position where he’s about to play is shown on the active squad menu. The first situation (green) refers to when both positions are the same. That is the greatest situation to benefits the chemistry.
In order to know what positions a player can get adapted to, consult the folowing table:

Green – natural position; Yellow – very similar; Orange – some similarities; Red – very different

2.His Links with teammates
If the players next to him have the same nationality or play in the same league or/and club as him.

The more two players have in common, the higher will be the chemistry and better they will play.
Chemistry links are connections between players in a team. When two players are placed next to each other, they form a connection. This connection is represented by a coloured link, according to the intensity of the relation (nation, league and club). Since Icons don’t have a league or club associated, there are slight differences on how to calculate their FUT 20 chemistry. Basically, they link well with other Icons just like regular players link with their teammates.

Chemistry links can be classified in four categories, as you can see in the following table.

The dead links are the weakest connections and consequently the most penalising for the chemistry. The hyper ones are the strongest and the most rewarding connections for the chemistry.

3.Relation with the Manager
To boost contracts is not the only manager’s role. To each player, he may give an extra chemistry point.
There are two manager’s characteristics that will vary the chemistry of a player:
His Nationality
His League
A manager that can be well comprehended has more success probabilities than one with worse relationships with the players. That’s why the chemistry is improved if the manager’s nationality or/and the manager’s league is the same as most players’.
The nationalities and the leagues of the players and managers are shown on the front of their cards. To get the manager bonus, you should try to match the manager nationality or the manager league with the higher number of players from the starting eleven. Pay attention that it may not be always true. For example: if all the players except one are from one specific league and already have individual chemistry 10, it may be better to try to match the manager league with the league of the only player that doesn’t have the higher chemistry possible.
When a manager league’s doesn’t match with the player’s league, it’s possible to fix this applying a league modifier card. You can learn more about it here.
Manager bonuses are represented by icons on the player card. A green icon means the player is receiving a bonus because he has, at least, the same nationality or the same league of the manager.

4.His Loyalty to the club
If he played more than 10 matches or if it is his first club

Loyalty was designed to further reward UT players for opening packs or keeping a player for an extended amount of games. After 10 matches of playing with the same player, or using a player pulled from a pack, the player will receive a bonus to his Individual Chemistry. He only needs one of these two things to get the bonus.
It is very easy to get this bonus. Even if it is unusual to buy packs, the player just need to play 10 matches with that card to get the bonus.
Loyalty bonuses are represented by icons on the player card. A green icon means the player is receiving a bonus because he played ten or more matches in this club or because it is his first club (or both).

5.Work out a player's Overall Chemistry before you buy him:
Multiply their Individual Player Chemistry by 10, and then by 0.75
Multiply the Team Chemistry by 0.25
Add the two results together
For example, if you have Cristiano Ronaldo with a Player Chemistry of 9 and his Team Chemistry is 90, that would be 67.5 + 22.5, totalling an Overall Chemistry of 90 out of 100. That's above 50, so Ronaldo's attributes would increase, and it's quite a bit over 50 too, so they would increase by quite a lot - almost the maximum amount, in fact.
Worth bearing in mind at this point, too, is that Chemistry ratings are calculated at the start of a match, and are thus unaffected by any substitutions, formations, or general team management changes made after the match starts.
How much does Chemistry increase or decrease player attributes by?
The exact numbers are now finally available, so here's the formula:
Overall Chemistry - 50 = X
X divided by 50 = Y
Y multiplied by the "Maximum Boost Value" (the max an attribute can be boosted by a Chemistry Style) = the attribute change
Let's put that into an example to show it in action, using Ronaldo and his 90 Overall Chemistry again, with a Sniper Chemistry Style attached, and we want to find out the impact that has on his Finishing attribute. As you'll see in the big list we put together in our Chemistry Styles guide, the "Maximum Boost Value" for the Finishing Attribute granted by the Sniper Chemistry Style is 15. Or in other words, with max Chemistry, a Ronaldo card with the Sniper Chem Style would get a +15 boost to finishing.
90 - 50 = 40
40 / 50 = 0.8
0.8 x 15 = 12
So, a Ronaldo card with 90 Overall Chemistry and a Sniper Chemistry Style would get +12 added to his Finishing Attribute.
The maximum increase, if a player has 100 Team Chemistry and 10 Individual Chemistry, is a total 90 attribute points, spread out according to the player's Chemistry Style (even if they just have the Basic one, it's still spread across specific attributes).
The maximum decrease, if a player as 0 Team Chemistry and 0 Individual Chemistry, is a decrease of 25 points in every attribute.

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