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How to Choose the Best Formation for Your Playstyle?

2018-03-06 09:34

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3412: Offensive formation, if you like having a CAM with two wingers to help him, and two strikers. It is a formation that will provide you a lot of goal scoring opportunities, but you may concede a lot of goals too, so you need to be good at defending.

3421: Same type, but with two wingers upfront and one striker instead of a CAM and two strikers. Offensive but risky formation too.

343: The exact same formation as 3421 except the wingers that are more spaced.

352: More balanced formation with two CDMs to help the three defenders.

41212: The more balanced formation of the game. Two strikers, one CAM, two wingers, one CDM, 4 defenders. Really good formation for all playstyles.

41212(2): A narrower team than the last one. Really good too because it is balanced. No wingers though.

4141: Really defensive. Only one striker, two lateral midfielders that can help him. You need to be patient and make a lot of passes to create a chance with this formation.

4231: Balanced formation, two CDMs, four defenders, three CAMs that will help the attack with the lone striker.

4231(2): The two left and right CAMs of the 4231 are wingers on this one. Depends on the way you want to play.

4222: Balanced formation, 2 CDMs, 2 CAMs, 2 strikers. You can counter attack, and also, play patiently.

4312: Looks like the 41212(2) formation, it is a bit more offensive because of the CDM that is a CM.

4321: Offensive formation, 3 attacking players in the center of the attack. I advise you to put a CDM at the center of the CMs.

433: Same as the 4321 except that the wingers are more spaced.

433(2): A CM has become a CDM, for a more defensive formation.

433(3): Two CDMs instead of one there. It is more defensive than 433(2), so it becomes a really defensive formation.

433(4): Same as the 433 except that one CM is replaced at the CAM position, for a more offensive formation. Be careful defensively though.

433(5): Same as the 433(2) but the striker is a little bit lower on the pitch, to help the other players for the build-up play.

4411: Balanced formation, though, the attack may be a bit weak because there is only 1 striker and 1 center-forward.

442: Same as the 4411 but there are two strikers instead of 1 ST and 1 CF, it is a balanced and classic formation.

442(2): More defensive version than the 442, but the winger are a little bit higher on the pitch.

451: Very attacking formation, use it only if you have skills in defending, because there is no defending midfielder. I then advise you to take a defensive CM to balance it.

451(2): More defensive version than the 451, because the CAMs are converted to CMs.

5212: Solid defensively, but weak offensively. You have 1 CAM and 2 strikers, that will provide the goal scoring opportunities. The LWB and RWB will go up on the pitch, to provide some centers.

5221: Same as 5212, but this one has one striker and two wingers. Depends on the way you like to play.

532: The more balanced of the three 5-defenders formations. You have three CMs, two strikers, and five defenders. Though, it may be a bit weak offensively.

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