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How to Solve the Problem of FUT 20 Server Down?

2019-11-08 02:13

Once you go to alter your squad in your Ultimate team mode, are there any problem with that? Did you meet the problem say “error connecting to Ultimate team servers, please try again?”

As we know, it’s a normal error in FUT 20, many players meet this situation, there are several ways you can fix these problems.
1.2 steps solve your problem:
Part 1:
Go to ‘My Games & Apps’ on ur Xbox,
Press the old ‘Select’ button on the FUT20 game/box u can see,
Scroll down to ‘Saved Data’ & ‘Delete’ both Saved data,
(Don’t worry!, your Club, Level, etc, are saved on EA servers!)

Part 2:
Load up the companion Web App,
Go to your squad screen, (but don’t swap anything)
Create a new squad & leave it on that.
Now load up FUT 20 & play!

2.Just come back to the main menu, you can solve your problem easily:
When switching from FUT on console to Web App. You have to remember to log/back out of FUT (go to main menu),before you try & log into the App.
Or you will get the msg you received about being logged in another device.
You should only get that msg for about 30mins or so, then you can log in

3.Servers Status
Consoles and EA servers status
You can’t play FUT 20 but there is no scheduled maintenance? Maybe the servers are down. Hopefully, you can check yourself, anytime you want, if the servers are running without problems or not.

Why does this happen?
Gaming website PC gamer reported, earlier, that EA servers have crashed due to the worldwide popularity of "FUT 20." The massive outage has, reportedly, affected EA servers worldwide.
Now you may solve the problem by your safe, hope you can enjoy your game, by the way, you can buy cheap FUT 20 Coins on, good luck to you. More FUT 20 info you can read this article: Fut20 Players: Who are the Best Midfield Players in Fut 20?

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