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The Big FIFA 20 Interview

2019-08-27 02:58

No remark on the condition of the ongoing interaction for the present at that point, tragically. Be that as it may, there's a lot of remark from EA Sports on a lot of different things in and around the game. This is what they needed to state. 
During the introduction you demonstrated a screen with the customisation choices for Volta. There was a money there, that was GC? 
Aaron McHardy: That's only a working title, we haven't got done with structure it - there's just a single money the Volta Coins, it's simply we haven't refreshed the whole screen yet. 
Matt Prior: GC was the working title. 
AM: Grind money - which clearly we're never going to consider it that! (giggles) 
What's more, how would you win that, is it that simply through ongoing interaction, would you be able to purchase that? 
MP: Yeah absolutely through ongoing interaction. 

So are there any certifiable cash associations you can have? 
MP: Nope, we won't have MTX for dispatch. I mean we'll perceive how things occur in pushing ahead, yet no MTX for dispatch. 

So you're not precluding it? 
MP: We never discount anything. Since we ceaselessly develop so never state never, however no nothing for dispatch. 

In the alliance mode in Volta, are there remunerations, FUT Rivals style? You referenced it was kind of continuous everlastingly instead of having an end point so how does the reward framework for that work? 
MP: No we won't have the prizes specialist as FUT Rivals do, what we do have is clearly the prizes by means of acquiring the pound cash and the difficulties, and this player taking, which is all piece of that world. In this way, characteristically there will be things where you can win things by doing, however as far as the sort of FUT Rivals technician of remunerations no. 

So regarding the players - what's the sort of movement like for them, do they have their own player appraisals, same arrangement of characteristics?
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