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VAR and Dynamic Weather on Fut 20?

2019-08-02 02:45

Rumors continue to talk about what FUT 20 will offer, which as already anticipated, should come out not before September and which will probably be presented in greater detail during the EA Play 2019 event. There is no trailer yet but some of the innovations introduced could concern, according to the spoilers, the VAR and the dynamic weather.

The introduction of the VAR now seems necessary to keep up with the times and make the gaming experience more credible. The dynamic weather is instead the expedient that will offer gamers the map of the unpredictability of time. A mechanism already present in PES. Spoilers, however, are not official and we just have to wait for more information. And what do you expect from FUT 20? We know that with every FUT release there is always a large amount of information on what will be the new features in the game. With FUT 20 there will be the possibility of seeing almost certainly two great innovations, namely the VAR system and the Dynamic Climate. Dynamic weather would be perfect to give even more realistic appearance to the game. As it happens in reality the weather could change during the game making it unpredictable.

The Var instead would bring a form of modernity. As in games, the referees use the VAR system to make more accurate decisions, but how can this system be implemented in a virtual game simulation? This is the question that many ask themselves. We hope that in this chapter the EA will satisfy all its fans eager to play a fantastic game.

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