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Your Winning FUT: Some Strategies

2018-11-09 01:28

To build your winning FUT you have to consider some fundamental aspects. The first is the players to buy. Each player makes the common mistake of considering the classic players for the purchase of their FUT. The strongest players in this moment or those who are part of the team we admire most in the world. This strategy is not always the best. In fact, players who may seem phenomenal in other teams are perhaps not suited to our game. 

Making a good purchase then we delude ourselves of having bought an ace but then end up finding ourselves with a player we do not know how to use. The advice to overcome this problem is to play as many games as possible with the best European teams. We have to study the movements of the best teams and the players we like. After doing this we will have a more complete picture of the situation and we can decide our next purchases with greater accuracy. Playing a good amount of matches with many teams will allow us to learn more about our style of play. In fact we will be able to understand if we are more addressed to a ball possession or a solid defense with a fulminating counter-attack. Knowing in advance what kind of game to create allows us to better choose our players as well as to express a more spectacular and complete football. 

There is nothing left but to accumulate hours and hours of play. Another way to accumulate experience and knowledge is to follow the best European leagues, Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga for example and find out from week to week which are the best talent out there to try and make them our own. In short, if you want to dominate on FUT you must always be looking for the best player and the best team possible!

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