Bonus Coins

How To Get?

Rewards For Sharing To Friends

How to get free fifa coins?

1. Share your referral link to any social networks.
2. Any customer places 100k order from your link will become one of your referrals.
3. Every referral can get you 10K free coins, and the same amount for the referral.
4. Once the free coins reach 30K (100K order x3), you can claim them to your account balance.

    For example:
    Order A: ≥100K, You:10K    Buyer A: 10K
    Order B: ≥100K, You:10K    Buyer B: 10K
    Order C: ≥100K, You:10K    Buyer C: 10K

    So you can claim: 30K free coins totally. Each buyer can claim: 10K free coins.

    The more referrals you have, the more free coins you will get!

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