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2020-08-03 09:52

To help collect the latest news and more gameplay tips and tricks for gamers, here calls for articles about FIFA 21, such as the introduction of Squads, Icons, or important FUT matches, opening packs,  skills like cross-over, dribbling, scoring and similar valuable and helpful contents.

For the detailed requirements on the articles submitted, please see below:
1. No less than 500 words each in any language, including English, French, Italian, Dutch, Arabic or German, etc. Please send the articles and payment account to us in PDF via emails. This is an example for reference.

2. All the articles must be original and beautifully illustrated; the pictures and videos involved in the articles submitted shall belong to our site for exclusive use.  Please make sure the accuracy of the article wording, and do not plagiarize others. And the articles submitted cannot include any links of other sites.

3. It will take 5 working days to proofread the articles; upon acceptance, you will be informed by email. If no reply within 5 working days, it means your articles are not qualified and approved by the site, And we will not use it for any purpose.

4. The fee of the articles approved will be assessed comprehensively by the article quantity and quality, but surely will be no less than $50 each upon acceptance, and even more money for the excellent ones. The payment will be made by Skrill on the last working day every month.

5. If you are good at writing and playing the FIFA game, and interested in becoming our contributors, please feel free to contact us by email to # into @), Whatsapp. Welcome you to join us!

Valid Date:  August 1st, 2020 - September 31st, 2021

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