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About FC 24 Squad Builder

FC 24 Squad Builder is an AI simulation tool for creating FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) squads in FC 24. It helps you find your desired FUT squad in the shortest time possible. You can either click the "Recommend" button on the right to get a randomly generated squad for the selected formation or choose one or more players, activate the lock button, and let the AI build the optimal squad for you.

Introduction to FC 24 Squad Builder

"Recommend": Use the AI from to assist you in creating your desired FUT squad.

"Formation": Choose the desired formation so that our AI can create the FUT squad you want.

"Manager": Select the corresponding league and country/region to complete your FUT Squad.

Features Description

"Lock": After selecting the players you want on the squad panel, they will be "locked." After clicking the "Recommend" button, the locked players will not be replaced. The AI-recommended players will be displayed semi-transparently on the panel, and you can click "Lock" to clearly display the locked players on the panel.

"Remove": Delete the selected player.

"Insert": Replace the selected player.

"Details": View detailed information about the player and choose a Chemistry Style. After selecting a Chemistry Style, you can see the final player statistics.

"Clean": Clear all players, including the locked ones.


Q: How does FC 24 Squad Builder work?

FC 24 Squad Builder includes all current FUT 24 Players and utilizes's exclusive AI for squad suggestions. It supports squad recommendations based on specific player combinations, making it ideal for FC 24 players who are new and want to match specific conditions for the best squad according to your needs.

Q: How to use FC 24 Squad Builder?

Select the desired formation on the right, then click the "Recommend" button. Our AI will create the best squad for you. If you want to build your FUT squad around certain players, click the left panel to select key players after choosing the formation. Then click the "Recommend" button on the right, and our AI will assist you in completing the remaining player selections. After creating the squad, you can view detailed chemistry on the right panel.

Q: How to achieve Full Chemistry, and can the optimal squad achieve Full Chemistry?

To achieve Full Chemistry, a certain number of players from the same country/region/league/club need to be included. Additionally, some special players (such as icons, hero players) can gain 3 Chemistry points without meeting the aforementioned conditions. When your squad reaches FUll Chemistry, all players receive additional stat boosts. Thus, Chemistry 33 is necessary for maximizing the boosts for each player. Due to the vast number of players, it can be time-consuming to build your ideal squad. FC 24 Squad Builder allows you to quickly build your ideal squad with the assistance of AI.

Q: How to choose a Manager?

In the top left corner of the squad, select the corresponding league and country/region. Combining this with your core players' composition, choose the Manager from the correct country/region to enhance the squad's chemistry.

Q: How to find the player I want?

If you haven't selected a player, click the corresponding position and use filters to choose the desired player. If you have already selected a player, click "Insert" on the squad panel of the player card and use filters to choose the player you want.

Q: How to change a player's position?

The player card displays all possible positions for that player. You can drag the player to the desired position. If the current position is not suitable for the player, a prompt will appear at the bottom left of the player card.