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FIFA 19 Atletico-Barcelona 1-1

2019-03-06 03:51

Classic 4-4-2 for Atletico with Griezmann and Diego Costa forward, Valverde launches Vidal behind Messi and Suarez. The Chilean starts with good verve, as well as Messi, but the game is hard fought. The game is essentially Barcelona trying to score, the Atletico as usual is very compact under the ball line and try to block the opponents but Diego Costa is out of the game, Griezmann too far from the door. Crazy intensity, but for the first half goalkeepers practically do not get their gloves dirty.

In the second half, the blaugrana try to siege to the opposing area, but without being able to find spaces. And the first real jolt of the match gives him Griezmann, who steals the ball and alone challenges the defense of Barcelona, but on his assist Diego Costa arrives late and does not correct on goal. It's a signal: even if the ball continues to have it on Barça, Atletico raises the level of tension with the passing of minutes. The Var does not grant a penalty for hands touch from Vidal, but the Wanda Metropolitano becomes a pit and on the first corner in favor of the Colchoneros the just mentioned exit of Ter Stegen allows Diego Costa, from there the worst in the field, to crush on the net for the first goal in the league. The game finally explodes, in the last minutes it's a real battle.

Valverde sends Malcom and Dembelé in and the former Borussia Dortmund striker redeems himself from criticism, turning into a 90th-minute goal by Messi. There is still some minutes to play, in which the two teams try to overcome themselves until the end, but without success. Once again Simeone fails to beat Barcelona in the Liga and remains at -1 in the standings.

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