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FIFA 19 Tips, Controls, Guide and New Features Explained

2019-08-09 02:39

Those fairly minor new options aside, FIFA 19 still differs subtly from previous versions in an exceeding variety of how, with a rather completely different feel to gameplay, tweaks to the UI, and more.

For returning fans who've been taking part in FIFA eighteen right up till 19's launch, or newcomers who've been faraway from the sport for a minute, there are lots in-tuned in mind, therefore here area unit a couple of general tips to urge you back within the game as quickly as possible:
FIFA 19 tips:
Vary your passing - FIFA is turning into a lot of and a lot of a case of area-management - that was already true last year in FIFA seventeen - by that, we tend to mean the follow of drawing the opponent out of position and making space for you to progress. Mastering the art of gap up the pitch for yourself is turning into a lot of and a lot of essential, and also the best thanks to doing, therefore, is with varied passing: one or two short, easy balls into feet at the rear, followed by a giant switch with the driven pass (R1/RB + Pass), driven lob (R1/RB + Lobbed Pass), commonplace long ball or even even a fashionable  rib through ball (R1/RB + Through Ball) can fleetly open up the pitch for you. Keep an eye fixed on you're a lot of rad for those off-screen Paul Scholes marvel balls!
Practice your talent moves - we all know, active skills in FIFA is arduous work, however, it's going to pay off for your success within the end of the day. flip the problem right down and play many games against the pc for the simplest thanks to following against opposition players. we tend to advocate mastering the dummy shot (quickly faucet Shoot then Pass buttons) for beginners, before moving onto a lot of advanced stuff. It works wonders against 'headless chicken' ball chasers (like us) whom you will find on-line, though the computer's inhuman reactions area unit a touch too smart to be fooled at higher levels.

The pace is weak once more - Surprise surprise, the pace may be a contentious issue another time. This year sprinting feels dead slow, with most defensive players ready to bit by bit catching up to sprinting forwards, particularly if there is any quite chance for them to use their strength to slow the offender down. It's still very useful, of course, however, do not expect simple solutions from packing your team with sprinters.
Tackling is out, 'containing' is in - braving is arguably most powerful} it has been in FIFA 19 - and that we thought it was already super tough in eighteen. whereas the AI can be ready to tackle you from as regards to any angle they see match, dominant braving manually out here within the human world is far more durable. It takes an instant for your player to start their standing tackle, whereas sliding tackles square measure as weak as they were last year - and therefore the new laborious Tackle is sort of wholly pointless unless you advisedly need to clatter somebody behind for a foul.
Interceptions square measure inconsistent - We're noticing a true vary of interception quality from all types of players. Some can block virtually something, while others with nice defensive stats can get indiscriminately nutmegged while not you've got many ways to prevent it. the most issue in grips in mind here is that the proven fact that 'jockeying' your opponents - holding L2 whereas moving the defender - puts them in an exceedingly much better position for pull off interceptions, as they are additional 'set' and prepared to react.
Finesse Shots square measure back - there is forever one form of shot that is fashionable per annum, and now it appears to be Fitness Shots - however additional specifically, discreetness Shots from vary. Cut within from the wing onto a player's stronger foot and you have got an excellent likelihood of pull off Associate in Nursing absolute great thing about a hair curler into the so much high corner.

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