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How to Build His Own Custom Tactics in FUT 18?

2018-03-06 09:32

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In this article, we will talk about how to build his own custom tactics to perform best in FIFA Ultimate Team 18.
Firstly, what are the custom tactics?
They are divided in three groups: build-up play, chance creation and defense.
Those are subdivided in many groups, we are going to explain how these work in order to build the best possible custom tactics for your playstyle.

In the build-up play:
Speed: It is the speed at which your players will move on the pitch, if your playstyle is like the tiki-taka, you will more likely be to increase the speed value. If you like to pass the ball a lot of times calmly in order to wait the best goal-chance, you would prefer to lower it.
Passing: It represents how close your players will be to the ball carrier in the pitch, the more you lower it, the more you will have supports around the ball carrier, but you will lower the possibilities of long passes.
Positioning: It is how the players position themselves in the two thirds of the pitch, so your defensive players. Organized: they will stick to their positions. Free Form: they will move more, your fullbacks will more be likely to be in another position etc.

In the chance creation:
Passing: It is the proportion of risk your players will take when they will pass the ball, the more you increase this value, the more your players will make “risky” passes.

Crossing: The more you increase this value, the more players will be on the side ready to cross the ball. You should increase it if you have strikers that are tall, that have good heading, or even if you often cross the ball.

Shooting: This represents the way your players will position themselves on the pitch in order to shoot, the more this value is important, the more your players are going to be able to shoot.

Positioning: It is about the final third of the pitch, about your attacking players, so your attackers and offensive midfielders. Organized: they will stick to their position. Free Form: they will move more, your left-winger will more be likely to exchange his position with the striker or right-winger for example.

Pressure: The more you increase this value, the more your players will be high in the pitch. On the contrary, if you lower it, your players will be low, your defense will get closer and closer to your penalty area.

Aggression: This value represents the way your players move towards the opponents. The more this value is increased, the more your players will run towards the ball carrier in order to get the ball as quickly as possible. Careful though, if you have this increase this value very much, you will leave more gaps behind. You need to test by yourselves what corresponds to you.

Team Width: It represents how far your defenders will be from each other. You can adjust it according to the team you are facing (if there are wingers etc).

Defender line: Cover: If a defender attacks the ball carrier, there will be another defender that will compensate the gap left by the first one. Offside trap: You are playing the offside trap, it is very risky if you don’t master it.

The custom tactics are not magic, but this is what will make the difference between two players that have the same level.

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