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Ultimate Scream SBC Announced: How to Get Hulk in Your Ultimate Team?

2019-10-30 02:25

FUT 20’s Ultimate Team Halloween special promotion was launched last Friday, with the week one Ultimate Scream player items dropping in FUT!

EA announced a new arrival to the scary squad, with the introduction of an immense 86 rated Hulk card.

Scream Hulk’s Squad Building Challenge
If you want to get your hands on the Brazilian’s boosted card, there are three SBCs you have to complete.
Here’s the price daily graph of Hulk, we estimated his total cost: 157k PS4 / 165k Xbox One

Here 4 ways you can get Hulk easily:
1. Exchange a squad featuring players from Brazil
Estimated cost: 112.9k PS4 / 118.6k Xbox One
Minimum players from Brazil: One
Minimum squad rating: 86
Minimum team chemistry: 65

The 86 rated Brazil section of the Scream Hulk SBC is a little trickier. The chemistry is low, so you can have some freedom with positioning and leagues, but you need high rated players.
Casemiro also covers the Brazilian player requirement and the other two link to the likes of Kepa and David Silva from the Premier League.
La Liga has a lot of high rated but low demand players, such as Casemiro, Busquets, and Pique, so it might be good to base a squad around them and link where you can elsewhere.

2. Exchange a squad featuring players from the Chinese Super League (CSL)
Estimated Cost: 16.5k PS4 / 17.7k Xbox One
Minimum players from CSL: One
Minimum squad rating: 83
Minimum team chemistry: 65

3. Exchange a squad featuring a TOTW player
Estimated Cost: 27.65k PS4 / 28.85k Xbox One
Minimum TOTW players: One
Minimum squad rating: 83
Minimum team chemistry: 65
The two 83 rated squads are very easy. Only need to build an 83 rated squad using players from a couple of FUT 20’s major leagues and then slip in the required players after.
Since only need 65 and 75 chemistry, you won’t need to link either the CSL player of the TOTW player.

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Scream Hulk Review
Evidently, Hulk’s Ultimate Scream card is going set you back a considerable amount of time and FUT coins. So, is the Brazilian wide man worth your efforts?

Despite of his 88 rated pace, some gamer think Hulk’s pace feels more like a 99 rating. Nobody can catch him and even if they do he has the strength to shrug them off.

Some gamer states that Hulk’s 87 rated shooting should be considered a minimum, as anything with his left foot finds the net. Even if he doesn’t score, his shot rebound usually drops nicely for your other forwards.

Scream Hulk’s passing is rated 86; However, GlassCoyote reckons this stat is irrelevant, as you’re much better off utilising his superb dribbling and pace to beat defenders before taking a shot on goal.

Dribbling isnot Hulk’s strong point, so his 82 rating is a fair reflection of what to expect. His four-star skills aid his dribbling slightly, but don’t expect to run rings around defenders; instead focus on his strength, pace and shooting attributes.

His tackling is poor; if you need to dispossess an opponent with Hulk, your best bet is to shoulder barge him off the ball.

With a physicality rating of 88, Scream Hulk cannot be thrown off the ball; it’s “borderline ridiculous”.

With three-star weak foot, his right foot is a bit of a let down.
His jumping and heading is very weak.
His volleys are hit and miss; expect the ball to end up in either the top corner of the goal or the top corner of the stands.
You may know how to get Hulk for your ultimate team now, don’t miss this chance for getting him cheaper in a easy way, enjoy your games!

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