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Which new features will be added in FUT 23?

With every new version update every year, EA SPORTS needs to impress football fans around the world with new features, so what will change in FUT 23?

Online Career Mode. The online career mode might finally arrive with FUT 23, which fans have been waiting for long enough. Because Madden launched Connected Careers in 2012 - allowing players to complete their stories together, similar to online football manager saves. If FUT 23 adds this mode, then you can manage teams in the same league with your pals, buy players from each other, and compete for trophies.

Cross-Platform Gaming And FUT Market. Because there is no middle ground for card values, the FUT market in FUT 22 looks chaotic, and the problem of plummeting card values is very serious, which means that the break-in to high-level cards is much worse than it has been in years past. At the same time, some similar top games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. are moving to cross-platform play. The Cross-platform capabilities will allow PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players to join Pro Clubs together, compete in Ultimate Team, and play Co-Op. That's going to be a huge boost for the group of friends around the world, not just console makers at the moment, but console generations as well.

Create A Club storyline. It desperately needed something to differentiate it from the standard career mode. With the rise of Ted Lasso on Apple TV+, which includes a fictional football team called AFC Richmond, Create-A-Club is a very timely addition to FUT 22. Simply put, Create-A-Club is just a career mode where players can create their own jerseys, stadiums, and choose which leagues they want to add, while also being able to differentiate themselves by adding story lines.

Contract Expiry List. Keeping track of soon-to-be free agents in career mode needs to get easier. This is a very simple change: the contract expiry list needs to be added to career mode. For free agents whose contracts have expired or terminated, there is a special menu that collects the names of everyone the player can sign. A menu feature (or area scouting option) that brings together a list of people who can sign contract expiry deals makes things easier,

Ultimate Team Online Tournament. Currently Ultimate Team's focus is mainly on the FUT Champions Weekend League, where the biggest prizes are available and players can compete against top players. Players can call up the best teams during the week and then play on the weekends. FUT offers a variety of ways to strength your team, from completing SBCs to playing gold matches (which can be used to level up).

Full-time International Management. In FUT 23, developers should add a full-time international manager feature to Career Mode, allowing players to compete in National Leagues, WC qualifiers, and collect club football data to pick the best teams.

FUT 23 may include women's club teams for the first time

In recent years, international football has often led the way when it comes to women's sports, and players of FIFA matches and women's football fans have been calling for more, demanding better player similarity across the board, as well as more accurate player ratings. EA Sports first introduced women's soccer to the FIFA series with FIFA 16, which was released in the fall of 2015, and is expected to be the first game in the series to include women's club teams by the time of FUT 23, from the NWSL in the United States, France and the United States. Teams from Germany, more teams such as Orlando Pride, Angel City, New Jersey/New York Gotham, Lyon, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg and more are also expected to join. FUT 23 will be released sometime in the fall of 2022.

FUT 22: FIFA fans stunned by someone's downgraded after horrific performance

FUT 22 Ultimate Team has a lot going on, and the TOTS sale is in full swing. EA also released the latest rating update, and despite having won Ligue 1, one PSG player's stats have been slashed in addition to!

Lionel Messi's life has not been smooth sailing since leaving his childhood club Barcelona. The Argentina international has made 22 appearances in Ligue 1 this season, scoring four goals and providing 13 assists. But while those numbers look good, they're far from what most fans expected. Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain won the Ligue 1 title last week, but according to some others, Messi has not had much of an impact on the team this season. But there's no doubt that the legend has really made a big impact in the Champions League, scoring five goals in seven games without showing enough desire to help Paris Saint-Germain overtake Real Madrid. For him, the age of 34 is a marked slowdown into the later stages of his career, and EA is starting to take notice.

At present, EA has significantly downgraded the Argentine's FUT 22 card. Messi has been downgraded from 93 OVR to 92 OVR, his field goal has dropped from 95 to 91, his ball-handling ability has dropped from 96 to 94, and his free-kick accuracy has also been downgraded. Not only that, Messi's physical quality has also been impacted. His sprint speed has dropped from 80 to 78, his physical strength has dropped from 72 to 71, and his offensive efficiency has dropped from that to low.

According to EA, perhaps the best dribbler of all time is incapacitating.

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